September 12, 2019

QBayLogic is hiring

Update: The position has been filled.

We are currently hiring one full-time employee to join our development team. This role is based at our offices in Enschede, The Netherlands.

About QBayLogic

QBayLogic B.V. is a self-funded startup, now in existence for over three years, that provides FPGA engineering services. We help businesses create innovative products by building high throughput, low latency, low power implementations of the complex algorithms that form the core of their product. These applications can be found in many different environments: embedded, on the edge, and in data-centers. QBayLogic B.V. also develops and supports the open-source Clash compiler, a compiler (written in Haskell) that takes high-level Haskell code and translates that to low-level HDL code used to program FPGA devices. We successfully use Clash for all of our projects.

Role: Digital design engineer and compiler developer

We are looking for someone to join our team of five to help us:

  1. Design and implement digital circuits, using Clash, for our customers
  2. Develop the Clash compiler and its ecosystem

Being a self-funded start-up means that our day-to-day direction is project-driven, so you have to be keen to work on both of the above job aspects. In return, we will help you become proficient in both.

For this role you must have:

  • MSc in Computer science, Electrical engineering, Embedded Systems or related field; or the proven ability to comprehend the academic literature in those fields.
  • Good ability in digital design _or_ 2+ years of (hobby and/or industry) experience developing in Haskell (or similar functional language: OCaml, Clean, etc.):
  • Digital design: you have a firm grasp of synchronous digital design, both structural and RTL, have an understanding of and healthy paranoia for meta-stability, and a demonstrated capability to do end-to-end FPGA design.
  • Haskell: You’re intimately familiar with higher-order functions, becoming comfortable with foldl-defined-in-terms-of-foldr kind of functions, would (or already) understand the “Generalized” in GADTs, and aren’t puzzled by tying-the-knot type of recursive expressions.
  • Getting-things-done/auto-didactic attitude: FPGA software has its idiosyncrasies, sometimes you must tweak some C-code in a PCIe driver, so you have to be ready to “Google the answer” and “Copy/paste the answer from stack overflow” to move forward and only develop the better understanding later. This isn’t “moving fast and breaking things”, but intuition for priorities.
  • Willing to occasionally visit a client’s location (abroad).

Nice to have:

  • Digital design _and_ Haskell (or related functional language) experience.
  • Domain knowledge in a particular field that has heavy computational needs (signal processing, deep learning, simulation, etc.)
  • Experience writing compilers (for functional languages).
  • Industry experience in digital design or using Haskell (or related functional language) in product development.
  • Experience with high level synthesis (HLS) tools.
  • Experience with build tools: Nix, Bazel, or similar.
    • Internally, at our clients, and for the greater Clash community we want to be able to set up a comfortable multi-language development environment.

What we offer:

  • Salary range: EUR 36200 – 45360 depending on competence (often related to experience)
  • Company matched pension scheme
  • 25 days of vacation (+ national holidays) + 6 days extra time off (non-redeemable when sick during day off)
  • Flexible on working from home (optional): 3 days in the office, 2 days work from home
  • Relocation budget: EUR 2000
  • Education/conference budget: at least two of: ZuriHac, HaskellX, Orconf, Monadic Party, etc.
  • Professional Dutch language course (encouraged for employees who don’t speak the language)


To apply, please email with your resume, a cover letter stating your suitability for the role, and anything else you think would be helpful in evaluating you as a candidate: Github, Stack overflow, website, past work, conference talks, code examples, etc. QBayLogic cannot sponsor any type of visa, so only (non-visa) citizens of EU/EEG member states are eligible. Any questions regarding the job can be send to Acquisition based on this job ad will not be appreciated.

The deadline for applying is Friday October 11th 2019 anywhere on earth.
The position has been filled.

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