June 09, 2023

QBayLogic joins the Japan SemiCon 2023 innovation mission

QBayLogic has been selected to participate in the Innovation Mission Japan Semiconductors, commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

QBayLogic will participate in important discussions and the establishment of collaborations in Japan during the week of June 19, 2023, along with other leading companies from the ChipTech Twente initiative, including Brainport and PhotonDelta.

Sharing Twente’s technological breakthroughs and innovations

QBayLogic, along with the other Twente participants, is among the world’s elite when it comes to chip design. As a result, they have been able to be part of numerous breakthroughs in the industry, something QBayLogic is very proud of.

“These successes reflect our mission at QBayLogic: Building technical elegance together. We are confident that our approach to technological development will be appreciated in Japan, where attention to detail, precision, and high-quality technical solutions are highly valued”

says Christiaan Baaij, Technical Director at QBayLogic.

A unique opportunity to learn from leading Japanese experts

Japan is a significant player in the entire chip industry chain. The country is innovative both in chip design and advanced manufacturing techniques, leading them far ahead in technological developments. It is therefore an attractive partner for the Dutch chip industry to realize further growth and development in the future.

“The Innovation Mission offers us at QBayLogic a unique opportunity to learn from Japan’s impressive expertise and to collaborate with leading Japanese experts. We are confident that these collaborations will yield valuable insights and create new market opportunities for the Dutch chip industry,”

says Maarten Kuper, General Director at QBayLogic.

Twente’s innovation power – ChipTech Twente

QBayLogic looks forward to demonstrating Twente’s innovation power along with other participating companies from the ChipTech Twente initiative. Together, they will pave the way for future innovations and contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the Dutch chip industry.

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