Dr. Ir. Jan Kuper


Dr. Ir. Christiaan Baaij


Marlous Weghorst

Management Assistent

Martijn Bastiaan, MScEng

Compiler engineer

Alex McKenna, MSci

Compiler engineer

Peter Lebbing, MSc

Digital design engineer

Leon Schoorl, BSc

FPGA engineer

Lucas Bollen, MSc

FPGA engineer

Alexandra Baaij

Management Assistent

Our vision

We believe sustainable, well-functioning technologies can only be developed through a methodical and analytical dissection of the challenges presented to us. That is what we seek to do, thereby contributing to the welfare of our society.

While innovation and advancements in technology are the norm, many new products could have been delivered earlier and at a lower cost if only the design methodologies kept pace with the ever increasing complexities. We see that solutions developed in one field remain underutilized in others. We think this is especially true for the hardware and software world, where we see too little cross-pollination. We actively seek to be a catalyst between these worlds. In fact, we believe that the differences between the two aren’t as great as they seem.

We believe the new generation of design methodologies and tools must be created through open collaboration, as demonstrated by our catalog of freely available and liberally licencend projects.

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An FPGA design house delivering "right the first time" solutions.

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Comyoo | creatieve studio


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