QBayLogic offers professional training courses to bring your team to a level where they can confidently start developing circuits using Clash. The material has its basis in our decade(s) long experience teaching B.Sc.-level functional programming and M.Sc.-level Computer Architecture Design classes that we taught at the University of Twente in The Netherlands and has been adapted and used in training people in the industry.

We offer single-day workshops on specific topics and multi-day training sessions to bring your team up to speed. Our training sessions have multiple entry levels:

No prior functional programming experience, nor circuit design experience

Prior functional programming experience, but no circuit design experience

Prior functional programming and circuit design experience

Together with you, we construct a curriculum suited to your team’s needs, selecting from the following modules:

Module 1

Introduction to functional programming

Module 2

Introduction to digital circuits and FPGAs

Module 3

Circuit design with Clash

Module 4

Circuits from formulas – correct-by-construction

Module 5

CPU design

Module 6

Verification in Clash

Module 7

Advanced design – integrating existing IP

Module 8

Customer challenge

Check out our syllabus to discover what you will learn from every module. We especially encourage our customers to make “M8: Customer challenge” part of their curriculum. In it, QBayLogic will take on one of your current design challenges and present the solution in an interactive fashion. It has been our experience that this results in the best engagement and subsequent retention of the material.

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