Open positions

Role: Senior RTL and FPGA engineer

We are looking for someone to join our team to help with:

  1. RTL design and test 
  2. Implementation of RTL designs on FPGAs
  3. Lead, plan and organize a small team of developers
  4. Engagement with customers

For this role you must have:

  • MSc in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Embedded Systems or related field; or the proven ability to comprehend the relevant academic literature in those fields.
  • 5+ years of industry experience creating RTL designs.
  • An open mind with regards to using functional languages for RTL circuit design.
  • Good theoretical understanding of synchronous sequential circuits, meta-stability and multi-clock / GALS circuits.

Nice to have:

  • 5+ years of industrial experience in FPGA implementation: tool-flow scripting, familiarity with Vendor IP, manual placement, partial reconfiguration, etc.
  • Deep understanding of timing constraints (I/O constraints, multi-cycle constraints, source-synchronous, etc.)
  • Domain knowledge in a particular field that has heavy computational needs (signal processing, deep learning, simulation, etc.)
  • Experience with high level synthesis (HLS) tools.
  • Experience with functional programming languages (Haskell, OCaml, Scala, F#, Clean, etc.)
  • Experience with the following imperative languages: Python, C, Rust
  • Experience in embedded software development
  • Experience writing kernel/user-land drivers for PCIe devices
  • Experience with build tools: Nix or Bazel.

Salary range for this role:
EUR 53,097 – 72,731

About QBayLogic

QBayLogic B.V. is a privately held FPGA design house. We help businesses create innovative products by building high throughput, low latency, low power implementations of the complex algorithms that form the core of their product. These applications can be found in many different environments: embedded, on the edge, and in data-centers. QBayLogic B.V. also develops and supports the open-source Clash compiler, a compiler (written in Haskell) that takes high-level Haskell code and translates that to low-level HDL code used to program FPGA devices. We use Clash for most of our projects.

What we offer to all of our employees:

  • Company matched pension scheme [1]
  • 25 days of vacation (+Dutch national holidays) + 6 days extra time off (non-redeemable when sick during day off)
  • Flexible on working from home: e.g. 3 days in the office, 2 days work from home
  • Yearly EUR 1,500 education/conference budget
  • Professional Dutch language course [2]

Remote working
All positions are open to remote working. That being said, QBayLogic is not a so-called remote-first company and we prefer it when people come to the office regularly. A practical reason for this preference is the scarsity of the (custom) FPGA boards that we work with.  Personnel whose one-way commute to the office is less than 45 minutes by car are, at least by default, expected to come to the office on a weekly basis. Work hours for remote workers should overlap for at least 4 hours with 9am-4pm UTC+1 (UTC+2 during Dutch daylight savings time).

As this is the first time we’ll be accepting remote non-residents of The Netherlands applicants, the exact form of employment might differ based on a country to country basis.

At this time, personnel are expected to work from home. On a case by case basis, personnel are allowed to work from the office.

To apply, please email with your resume, a cover letter stating your suitability for the role, and anything else you think would be helpful in evaluating you as a candidate: Github, Stack overflow, website, past work, conference talks, code examples, etc. Whether you want to move to the Netherlands or remain in your current country of residence, QBayLogic cannot sponsor any type of (work) visa. Any questions regarding the job can be send to At this time we are not seeking the help of recruiters to fill the open positions, so acquisition based on these job ads will not be appreciated.

[1] Not 1-to-1 matching. Premiums are a percentage of the monthly income, where the exact premium is age dependent. Employees put in 6% of their pre-tax salary into the funds and the company pays the remaining premium. Only for inhabitants of the Netherlands, inhabitants outside of the Netherlands will have a salary increase that corresponds to the company matching.
[2] For persons moving to, or those that are already inhabitants of, the Netherlands but do not master the Dutch language at a professional level.

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