QBL designs dedicated chips for companies with complex automation needs, when a normal computer is not fast enough. We mostly develop for FPGA, and we use our own novel, mathematically based methodology. Our design process is precise and formal, and at the same time we work in a modern and flexible software environment that is extremely helpful in quick testing and simulating. Furthermore, our methodology is very suitable for processor design.

All our team members are highly educated. We are proud that we may say that we are faster and better predictable than our competitors. In fact, we are right first time, and that brought us customers from all over the world, some of them being well-known major technology companies. 

For example, our services are requested in the following scenarios:

Application accelerators on FPGA

Together with our partners we deliver complete compute-accelerated applications, consisting of software, FPGA architecture, and integration with surrounding tools and devices.

Processor design

The abstraction mechanisms that our methodology offers are very suitable to describe dedicated processors. For example, we developed several implementations of the Risc-V processor.


When you already have an FPGA realisation for your application, we offer support in case optimisations are necessary, for example by pipelining, formal loop transformations, or floor planning on the FPGA.

Workshops & Training

We offer courses and trainings in case your team chooses to use our Clash methodology for circuit design. We can train your team such they develop the skills needed to benefit from the advantages of our methodology with confidence.

Support Plans

We offer structural support for software packages published on GitHub. We have three plans available: Standard, Silver, and Gold. For more information, check out our Support Brochure.


Maximum initial response time:
5 business days

  • E-mail support

Extended (Silver)

Maximum initial response time:
3 business days

  •  E-mail support
  • Phone support
  • Live Video Support
  • Remote Trouble Shooting

Extended (Gold)

Maximum initial response time:
24 – 48 hours

  •  E-mail support
  • Phone support
  • Live Video Support
  • Remote Trouble Shooting
  • Emergency Hot-Fixes
  • On request:
    – Update client code to new releases
  • – Custom releases

Extending the Clash compiler

Together with the open-source community, QBayLogic maintains the Clash compiler and a number of libraries on GitHub. We can help out if you need a new feature or bug fixed. Unless requested otherwise, new features will be BSD2 licensed and therefore available without extra cost indefinitely. Among others, we have previously developed these compiler extensions for its clients:

  • Support for verification using temporal logic
  • Improved naming in generated HDL
  • Haskell GADT support

We can also help if you need a new library for Clash, for example:

  • Support for external IP
  • Support for protocols, e.g. AMBA AXI

If you need structural or acute support check out our support plans.

An FPGA design house delivering "right the first time" solutions.

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