QBayLogic offers services ranging from implementing components in existing systems to designing and realizing full designs from start to finish. We also offer support plans for any software published on our GitHub page, in addition to extending the Clash compiler to suit your needs.

Here are a few scenarios we can help you with:

You need a hardware design [for an FPGA?] built completely from scratch. We can help you all the way from simply delivering the HDL for you to integrate in an existing infrastructure yourself, or delivering a fully configured FPGA to you.

You need maintenance of an existing HDL design. Even if your design is not written in Clash, we’d be happy to take over.

You need a Clash library designed from scratch.

You need a Clash integration with specific boards or IP components.

Support Plans

We offer structural support for software packages published on GitHub. We have three plans available: Standard, Silver, and Gold. For more information, check out our Support Brochure.


Maximum initial response time:
5 business days

  • E-mail support

Extended (Silver)

Maximum initial response time:
3 business days

  •  E-mail support
  • Phone support
  • Live Video Support
  • Remote Trouble Shooting

Extended (Gold)

Maximum initial response time:
24 - 48 hours

  •  E-mail support
  • Phone support
  • Live Video Support
  • Remote Trouble Shooting
  • Emergency Hot-Fixes
  • On request:
    - Update client code to new releases
  • - Custom releases

Extending the Clash compiler

Together with the open-source community, QBayLogic maintains the Clash compiler and a number of libraries on GitHub. We can help out if you need a new feature or bug fixed. Unless requested otherwise, new features will be BSD2 licensed and therefore available without extra cost indefinitely. Among others, we have previously developed these compiler extensions for its clients:

  • Support for verification using temporal logic
  • Improved naming in generated HDL
  • Haskell GADT support

We can also help if you need a new library for Clash, for example:

  • Support for external IP
  • Support for protocols, e.g. AMBA AXI

If you need structural or acute support check out our support plans.

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